Monday, September 24, 2012

So... I was wrong.

It wasn't just teething. It is an all-out cold. :(

When I picked the buddy (my new blog name for baby N!) up from my parents' house on Friday he had a yucky cough and a goopy eye. Thankfully the Dr.'s office is open on Saturday mornings so we took a trip to see the pediatrician who said he definitely had a cold. I knew the hacking and eye ickiness were not symptoms of teething, but it was good to hear it wasn't something more serious! 

Poor guy seems happy until a stuffy nose or cough wakes him up from a nap or at bedtime. And of course until we have to administer the antibiotic eye cream, or the worst, aspirate his nose. Yeah, he screams like crazy at that for sure!!! It's a 2 person job trying to get the limbs still enough to make any of it effective. :/

I'm pretty bummed he's sick, mostly because it's sad to hear his stuffy nose and know he's uncomfortable, but also because I thought he would have the immune system of a Greek god because of all the donated breastmilk he has gotten! Our hope was that because he has gotten immunoglobulins from several different milk donors (even though we have had 3 "main" donors, we have had about 3 other supplemental donors) that he would be immune from all kinds of childhood illness! But, no suck luck. :( 

So, the buddy (and I) stayed home from church yesterday and then I'm home early from work to watch him while Dave goes into teach. No dayschool for the little guy today. I WILL say I'm glad for the time with him, but definitely not at the expense of his sickness!

Here's hoping he's better by the end of the week! It's so sad to have "torturous" bedtime routines of nasal saline drops, snot-aspirating and eye cream application! I'm ready for normal (whatever that is?) again! 

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  1. So hard to have a sick baby :( Hope the buddy feels better soon!


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