Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quick Post

He's getting pretty good at "tripod sitting."
So, it's easy to say that the transition is going well when everything goes "as planned." Of course, after that blog post (I need to stop bragging!) our sweet baby seemed to catch a little bug. :/ He seemed a little stuffed up, and had a fever last night and was either screaming or sleeping, definitely not his normal cheerful self. He's also recently decided that he doesn't need a long late afternoon nap OR an evening catnap anymore. Which is good because I get more interactive time with him. BUT, all of this also means I'm on the overwhelmed and exhausted side of life! :-)

Based on his temperature and behavior today, we're pretty sure he's just teething, but oh my! If this teething continues in the same way it did yesterday the house will never be clean again! Or even tidy... :)

Anyway, on a side note, I forgot to blog about a pretty hilarious "episode." On Tuesdays I miss Nathaniel extra because it's the day I not only work at my regular job from 7:30-3:30, but then afterward I teach for an hour at a local Preschool. So, I miss him! One recent Tuesday I didn't get home until almost 7pm because I also had a (long overdue) haircut scheduled. 

So that night, after he was sleeping I decided I wanted to bring him in to bed with me to snuggle him (around 9:30pm). He's been sleeping in his own room since the beginning, so this hardly ever happens! But, I grabbed his teeny, little swaddled body and brought him into the bed. As soon as we snuggled down he spit up all over himself and me. So, I laid him down in the middle of our bed and got up to change my pjs. When I came back to get him, he peed THROUGH his diaper, pjs, AND swaddle, right through to our sheets! ha! So, while I got him cleaned up and ready for his own bed again, Dave had to change the sheets on our bed. Ha! It was obviously NOT a successful snuggle time. hehe :-)


  1. Reminds me (sort of) of this time when I was a nanny when my charge (at about N's age) had just gotten up from a nap. I went to put change his diaper and had just removed it, when he sneezed, spit up, peed and pooped all at the same time. It was COMPLETELY DISGUSTING, but so hilarious that it actually became one of the turning points in that job for me. (I'd had a hard time adjusting to/learning to love a baby with really bad reflux.)

  2. Haha! So much for nice, relaxing time with your snugabunny. I bet you were exhausted after that!

  3. We have had the same thing going on this week at our house...Katie caught a little cold, has two teeth coming in, and dropped her evening nap! She's been a little grumpy, but we still love her! We need to get these two little ones together sometime! Miss you!


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