Monday, September 3, 2012

16 Weeks!

First of all, I officially stink as a blogger. :/ I think of ideas all the time, while I'm at work, in the car to drop baby N off somewhere, or even while I'm on a walk with N. But, by the time I'm done with all the above things in addition to bottle washing, making, diaper changing (and washing), etc. I can't remember what my inspiration was! I promise I have thoughts to record, but I'm not so good at actually taking the time to sit down and record them!

Here are some baby-related items I love.

1. Cloth diapers- STILL love them! Even though the poops have gotten much stinkier and more difficult to clean out... hehe :-)

2. The Bumbo- I know it's controversial, but he really loves sitting in it. And there's not way he's heavy enough yet to tip it over.

3. Swaddles- Seriously... I don't think this baby can sleep without them. Which is actually a terrifying thought....

4. Video Baby Monitors- We joke that we should connect it to the big-screen tv to watch it. :-) But seriously, I kind of think this might be a must-have. Especially if you start any "crying it out" (which we started at 11 weeks and are very grateful for).

5. BabyWise- I scoffed at it at the beginning, but I'm a believer. Once we had baby N start crying it out during his naptime (His naps were WAY too short and he'd wake up tired. We tried to soothe him, but he wasn't having that either, so we implemented crying-it-out for him to fall back asleep and have longer naps) within 2 days he started sleeping through the night. So, yes, I'm a believer. They say that BabyWise creates happy babies and I'm on board with that.

I will say, I don't think that BW would work for all babies. But, it works well for N's temperament, which I'm grateful for.

6. BABY CONNECT APP!!! Oh my goodness, I'm totally obsessed with this. :) It's a way to track your baby's sleep, eating and activity and since I love schedules, it makes me very happy to see it all in charts and graphs. :-) We bought it for Dave's ipad, which has all the fancy features, but once you have the app, you can log into the account from the computer too AND register others as child care providers! It's so wonderful that I can log-in at work and see exactly what he's doing while being cared for by my parents and Dave, see if he's napping well, etc. Saves time on asking about all those details when I pick him up.

7. Donated breastmilk- I've been meaning to blog about this for awhile now. Baby N has been almost exclusively breastmilk fed his whole life so far! Through the gifts of several different women, we have been able to feed him the nutritious liquid gold that I personally am unable to give. :-) It's been a HUGE blessing! Not just financially, but mostly nutritionally for N! If you're ever interested in more information about this, please contact me. I never would have thought I would become a "frozen breastmilk expert," but I kind of am at this point. And also never would have thought we would purchase a deep freezer to store it in. But, it's in our storage room and it's amazing.

And on an unrelated note, I can't believe how much I love this baby! We wondered if you'll feel the same about an adopted baby, even though everyone says the love isn't any different, buy holy freakin' cow, it's so true! We can't imagine our hearts loving a baby any more than we love this one. We just want to rip him out of his crib most of the time and snuggle with him all day. Unfortunately, that's not exactly practical, but you know, the image is there. :)

Also, the photos displayed throughout this post are from his 3 month photo shoot.
Visit to hire this talented lady! :-)


  1. I'm so glad the donated bm has worked out for you guys and baby N of course! And the pictures are absolutely beautiful!!

  2. I am so glad everything is going well! N is so cute! Thank you for sharing everything. I look forward to your next update!!

  3. He is so gorgeous!! What a great post!

    I would love to know more about donated breastmilk! I'm actually getting a lot of donated breastmilk from one of my friends (our chest freezer is already getting a work out) but I don't think it will be enough for two babies. Anything is better than nothing so I'm grateful for what we'll have but I would still be interested in learning more!


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