Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mommy Exhaustion

So, I wrote about "mommy guilt" and now I'll write briefly about what I have termed, "mommy exhaustion." Who knows? It MAY be a real thing, but I'm too tired to look it up! ;)

This evening I was catching up with a friend on the phone and she asked if I was totally and completely in love with N and if I couldn't get enough. And of course I'm totally in love! Especially when you've waited awhile for the gift of motherhood. But there are times where I'm totally exhausted and I just wish he would be as tired as I am at the appropriate time. :) Like at 8am when I want to go back to sleep. :) And sometimes I just wonder WHY in the world will he not stop crying?! And there are times I wish I could just leave the house on a whim or even take a nap on a whim! And N is a VERY good baby!

This kind of makes me feel like a "bad mom" to admit this, but my goal on this blog is openness and realness. Being a mom is such a blessing and is super fun! But, it's a challenge! And if anyone says otherwise, I've got to wonder if they've got a "wonder child," or if they're just not telling the truth!

Anyway, we are doing well. We've been on several trips this summer (2/3 for weddings), which have been super fun! But, since they've all been in the month of July and involved driving until 2-4am at night to keep N on his sleep schedule,  it's no wonder we're so tired! Add in staying up until 11pm every night to catch all of the Olympic coverage, and you get "mommy exhaustion." :)

Just 11 more days until I return to school!! Ahhhhh!!


  1. Totally agree!! The Olympics are killing me! I tried to make Noah lie in bed with me this morning at 8 o' clock when I was ready to go back to bed for a nap. It lasted about 12 seconds. :)

  2. I'm glad you are telling the truth and I think you would not be normal if you didn't feel that way!

    My mother has told me that because of my IF journey she doesn't want to hear me complain once I have kids. Yeah, thanks mom. But luckily my friends, even those who've just had babies have told me I can call them at any time to complain and cry and it's totally normal to sometimes feel overwhelmed and even think "Gosh, what did I get myself into" - no matter that I have been after this for years! Thank goodness for them! I think it's good to be able to vent and get this stuff out :)


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