Friday, June 1, 2012


It's been a busy week! Tuesday was a nerve-wracking day. Wednesday we went to the pediatrician (he's now 7 lbs and 1 oz!), then got baby N's professional newborn photos done. THEN, yesterday was the dreaded circumcision. I guess because I'm a woman I really never realized how traumatic it would be. Especially the upkeep and his screaming about it. :(

But, let's leave that sad topic and post pics! Here's a preview of the professional ones. 

The rest are in chronological order from the beginning-

At the hospital- I can't believe how much he's changed in less than 3 weeks!

First family photo-at the hospital

Our homecoming! At 11pm Tuesday, May 15th

This baby is one handsome dude!

I'm going to take pictures of him each week with this stuffed monkey. Here he is at 2 weeks! :-)


  1. Okay, so all babies are cute because, well, they're babies. But your baby, he really is absolutely beautiful!!!!!! And, man, does he have some long toes :)

  2. Beautiful pictures!! Your little boy is so handsome! I am so happy for you! I can not wait to see him grow!!

  3. What a cutie, and what lovely pictures! I think it's going to be so funny seeing how much he grows when compared to his stuffed monkey!

  4. What a beautiful baby boy, wow! Congratulations again, after getting through the 'risk' period! God bless your little family.

  5. I LOVE professional pics 2 and 3 with you guys looking down at him and him looking back. Also love Dave's red eyes in the first family photo at the hospital (from tears of joy I assume). That 2nd-to-last one is just awesome, a framer in my opinion. And I love the growing next to the monkey idea!!! Not that I'm biased about that monkey or anything. ;)

  6. Thanks for posting the pics and taking the time to update us! I love hearing how he's doing! He is beautiful and sounds like a real athlete!!!

  7. I'm so excited to finally see some pictures. They are all too perfect for words!

  8. He is so precious and I love the family photos. Bring him to Jekyll so we can smother him with love!!

  9. great photos!! the professional ones turned out great!

  10. He is absolutely perfect. I am so very excited for the three of you!

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