Friday, May 25, 2012

Week 2

So, I officially stink at this ICLW. Blogging is just not a priority right now. And that´s ok. =)

Baby N is going great! But, starting this week he has decided that he likes to be fussy in the evenings. I hear that's normal, so we're not worried. Although it did take daddy by surprise! I think it's interesting how many baby things I didn't even know that I knew, whether through baby-sitting or all my younger cousins, etc. For example, I never knew that changing a diaper could be complicated. I just thought you just did it! But, I had to teach Dave and it takes him quite a bit longer than it takes me. I think this also has something to do with men generally not being so good at multi-tasking.

Motherhood is wonderful, but if I wrote about all the sweet faces he made or the times he sleeps calmly this would be a boring blog post. So, here's the "interesting" things that have happened.

Baby N's Second Bath- After peeing all over daddy, himself and the wall, we decided he should have a bath. Since his cord fell off last weekend, we've been able to start giving him REAL baths which he is much more happy about than sponge baths. =) Anyway, after enjoying the bath for a few minutes, he spit up. So, as we were trying to clean him up from that he decided to pee all over everything (including mommy this time!) So, NOT a very successful bathtime... hehe... =)

During one of his formula feedings Dave was standing over my shoulder saying, "Isn't he just wonderful!?" And right then as I was transitioning him from the feeding position to the burping position, he spit up all over me. =) As if on an ironic cue.

And this is the MOST interesting and I wouldn't blame you if you think I was lying. But, we've been trying to keep him on a fairly regular schedule of eating, wake/play time, then sleep. During wake time we like to give him "tummy time" at least twice a day because the hospital nurses encouraged it. And he is QUITE good at pushing himself up and holding up his neck! This skill was already impressing us! UNTIL... yesterday he rolled from his tummy to his back! We immediately started freaking out! Looked it up and it's a 3 month skill! Looks like we have a little Olympian on our hands. =) We know it was a random occurrence and it's not like he's mastered the skill yet. But, we're still those parents who are obsessed with their child's accomplishments. =) So, here I am bragging on my blog. Sorry, but I just can't resist!


  1. No seriously, this kid is strong. He was trying to sit up the other day when I was holding him! Y'all should prob go ahead and let The Old Spice Guy know that his replacement has been born.

  2. You know what, it's your job to be obsessed and proud about his skills! So, good job, mama ;) Not sure if you all hav ea sling or wrap, but those were my sanity savers when E was little and had those evening fussy periods - calmed him right down.

  3. I am so happy everything is going well. You deserve to brag all that you want!!! My little guy too was fussy in the evenings. He liked to be walked around but I never got used to the slings/wraps. I wish I used it more as it would have helped when we were walking him around the house. I look forward to hearing more updates!!

  4. Lily too got fussy in the evenings, and on Day 15 (if only we had discovered this sooner!) we found out she liked dancing with us. We learned this because on the day Michael Jackson died, Aaron put on the "Off The Wall" album and started dancing in the living room. I handed him Lily, and they proceeded to dance through the entire album. She was both awake AND content all throughout and then slept GREAT. That was the beginning of a lot of dance parties in our living room. :)

    You've also reminded me that I'm used to changing and bathing a girl, and in preparation for having a boy in a few months, we might get one of those "teepees" to keep us and our walls dryer at least. :)

    And WOW on the rolling over so soon! That IS impressive!

    And please keep sharing! Inquiring minds want to know. :)

  5. Hi from ICLW #32 :) loved reading this beautiful story of your son, and I've enjoyed reading the "back story" to your life as well :)

  6. ICLW will still be around next time .. just enjoy this time while he's little and it lasts ... you'll miss it - trust me :)

    Happy ICLW from #3

  7. you brag away friend! everyone loves baby stories. if they don't - they can read another blog.


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