Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pampers Commercial

I know this commercial has a lot of babies in it, so it may make you cry. You've probably seen it on tv (but since we don't have cable or tv service we haven't). :)

Anyway, this commercial makes me cry every time I see it posted somewhere so I decided to share it here too. Not that I'm a huge Pampers fan or something, but it's really touching to me how they acknowledge that every child is a miracle no matter how they get to their families. I think that's a really great and positive message, that ever child is a miracle. Get your Kleenax ready! :-)


  1. I had not seen this commercial... or maybe I have and turn my eyes and mute the TV. But that is really sweet! Yay for Pampers for recognizing all the ways families are built! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've seen the beginning of that commercial before, but always changed the channel or walked away. Thank you for posting. I've rewatched it a bunch of times - it's amazing!

  3. I have thought the same thing about this commercial. . . very touching. =)


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