Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Parents are Awesome!

 If you've ever been to our house you know how disastrous the front landscaping has always been! When we moved into our home 3 years ago the front landscaping was essentially just 6 giant holly bushes across the length of the house (with a few other things in there too.) 2.5 years ago the middle holly bush died. And we finally got rid of the dead stump about a month ago. That's right... it took us over 2 years to get rid of a dead stump. :) That tells you how big of a project the front of our house is and how much we just continued to procrastinate it. :)

However, last weekend, we decided it was TIME! Mostly due to the enthusiasm and willingness to help from my parents (and getting a bunch of "free" mulch from the tree trimmers), we decide to get started.

This the "before" picture. Although as you can see, cutting down one of the holly bushes has begun!

My dad and Dave did all the heavy labor of getting these 50-year-old bushes out of there!

Here's the "AFTER" picture! Look how much nicer it looks! Of course, we're hoping all our little bushes and shrubs fill out in the next year or so. We're rooting for those knock-out-roses... they're looking pretty droopy.

Isn't it so pretty! Our first real mulching job too! :-)

This is from the BACK garden, our vegetable garden. This is the first salad of the season with lettuce right out of our garden! YUM! :-)
So, thanks mom and dad for the motivation and help to tackle this GIANT project we've been putting off for over 2 years! We never could have done it without you. :) My mom helped on "tearing out day" and didn't make it on "planting" day until the job was all done. When she saw it, she cried happy tears. She was so proud of all the hard work and how much nicer it looks! (Isn't she the sweetest? :) Yay for decent landscaping!!

(Any other homeowners out there feel that as soon as you finish ONE huge house project, you then see another giant project that needs to be done?! This weekend we're going to attempt painting the carport... because we desperately need to get gutters up there and it needs painting first... always something.) :-)


  1. Yeah for you and the family getting the landscaping done! It looks MUCH better (not that it looked horrible before) but I never get the "plant a bunch of boring stuff so it overgrows the house" type of gardening that seems to be the norm...

    And we've owned our house for almost 10 years, and the home improvement saga NEVER ENDS. You start out small, then keep finding things you'd like to change, and then something breaks...

  2. It's beautiful! Thanks, Carleys, for all your hard work!

  3. Good for you! It looks great! We have some similar bushes out front that we've known need to be addressed since we moved in (4yrs ago). I keep putting it off because it's such a big job and we haven't had the money to do something else with the area. Do your parents wanna come over and help us?? ;) And eating out of your own garden is so satisfying, isn't it?!

  4. Nice! Congrats! I know that very satisfied feeling of finishing a yard project. This makes me feel better now, knowing that just about all homeowners have some lawn/yard project they're putting off! ha! I would love to put in a back mulched bed along the length of our back yard, to reduce the square footage of mowing. But that would be expensive, so it's definitely a project on the "Eventually" list. The wedding in the front flower beds, though...that can't really wait. Do your parents make other house calls? haha

  5. Your yard is so big and beautiful...and green! That's the difference between Tennessee and Colorado, I guess ;-)

    1. Aawww you're so sweet! LOVED doing the project together...so fun watching the transformation...I was so proud of you and DAvid and Dad, watching everyone work together..Enjoyed it! xoxo


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