Tuesday, May 1, 2012

About the Bird...

Yeah, the one that was in our wall...

When we got a new roof and new carport in the fall, apparently the company left a gap JUST big enough for a bird to get through to our attic. :/ I won't say who the company is, but I wouldn't recommend them as they've been called once a week for the past 3 weeks to come fix the problem. Blech..

Anyway, sad to say, the bird eventually got quiet on Saturday (we tried to make it a path to get out, but it just couldn't) and we realized that it died. :( However, my husband is a genius (he even told me so! ha!) and duct taped one of those sticky paper rodent traps to the end of an extension cord, fed it through the wall from the attic and got it out! I know it's overall very sad that the bird died, but we were also extremely relieved to not have to cut out the dry wall to get it out. I'm just glad he didn't show me what the poor thing looked like. :/

So, we are bird-free for now and we have chicken wire nailed over the opening outside, so we are hoping another bird doesn't get in! (AND that the company comes this week like they promised... not that we have high hopes for them at this point.) We had a different bird up there a couple of weeks ago that got out on its own, but still make for a dramatic Saturday.

We're done dealing with birds on the inside, rather than the outside, of our house!

(Thanks for asking.) :-)


  1. ahhhhh, that is tooooo sad. :(

  2. Yikes. Glad Dave could get it out so it wouldn't start to smell. :/

  3. I couldn't imagine having a bird in my walls, birds freak me out!

  4. We have a bird who built her nest in the wreath on our front door so we've been going through the garage in order to not disturb her. I would hate if we had an animal get stuck in our walls. Hopefully the roof company fixes your gap.

  5. Awww. So sorry it died in there, but good for your husband coming up with a way to fish it out of there!

    And I'll be keeping fingers and toes crossed that the darn contractors come back out and fix the hole! I've had bad luck with them leaving little things messed up and becoming impossible to contact to come back... but hopefully that's just my luck. ;)


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