Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Dinner

This year my parents weren't in town for Easter. (They got a couple of tickets to see the Master's Tournament, which isn't too far from my grandparents' house.) Unfortunately, we couldn't go since we both work at church and Easter is a pretty big holiday there. :) But, we love being a part of our church family for Easter, so we decided to host an Easter dinner as well!

We invited over some friends that also didn't have family in town and I'd say it went pretty great! Dave insisted we cook a lamb since it WAS Easter dinner and I will definitely recommend cooking it in the crock pot! It was fun to put the leaf in the table and we SQUEEZED 9 people around our table. It was even more fun to get out the wedding china, use our nice tablecloth and set it up FANCY! I'm kicking myself for not taking more pictures! I really wanted to take a picture of the table entirely set and the food in the pretty serving platters. Oh well... I guess we'll just have to host next year too. :) Here are just a few photos so you get a preview.

Here's the table mostly set the night before. 
After the table was mostly cleared, just a few glasses and the chargers are left.

Dessert! (I did not make these. But, both the gluten-free chocolate cake and lemon tarts were yummy!
This is just our backyard, but our NEWLY PAINTED PATIO FURNITURE! I tackled quite a few projects around the house this weekend, and spray painting our old, chipped patio set was one task. It looks SO much nicer now! :)
I think I may offer a prize if someone can identify the area in the yard where I actually did the spray painting. :)

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  1. Beautiful table!!! I am glad that you had a nice dinner! It looks like you had a beautiful day for a Easter dinner!!


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