Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Don't Ignore...

YOUR.. part!

That's right! YOURS! Whoever you are! Whether or not you do or did ever struggle with infertility. Please don't ignore YOUR part in spreading awareness of infertility as a DISEASE and not just a temporary life inconvenience. Today is Advocacy Day, so please support those going through infertility and advocate for them and their desire to build a family. One crucial way of doing this is by advocating for change in the health care system and government. Unfortunately, infertility carries with it an extraordinarily high price tag. Most of the costs are emotional, relational, and spiritual. But, the big overwhelming cost that some of us just can't afford are the financial costs. It's easy to spend thousands of dollars just trying to find a diagnosis, let alone finding a resolution (whether through treatment or adoption). And even though infertility is defined as a disease, it is rarely covered by health insurance in any way. Our current health care provider doesn't even cover the costs incurred when multiples are born that were conceived by fertility treatment. How discriminating is that? :(

Here are some ways you can help advocate for us to support our family building process.

1. Help advocate for insurance companies to fund infertility treatments!
You can write your congressmen/women about the Family Act that would require Health Insurance companies to cover fertility treatments. Concerned that Fertility Treatment coverage would raise your monthly premium? Check out a few different articles that express that it actually SAVES insurance companies money because it's actually less expensive for them to cover fertility treatment than the cost of premature multiple births when couples try to transfer more embryos in a single cycle to prevent having to go through multiple treatments.

I know this is a controversial topic, but having personally experienced infertility and being told that treatment is an "elective" procedure (similar to plastic surgery) is quite a personal and emotional blow. So, please help support those who are unable to conceive without treatment by contacting your legislators!

2. Help couples fund their adoptions!

This can be done in various ways, like helping your friends plan a fundraising event or project. Or by donating to a specific fund already in place. I promise this is not just a request that you purchase coffee from our online store or attend our yet-to-be-planned fundraiser this summer. :) I would LOVE for us all to look around our communities and see how we can help build and support families together and this is something that would help adoption costs look less overwhelming to couples in the midst of it.

One way you can help is by signing this petition to help extend the Adoption Tax Credit. In the past there was a tax credit of up to $13,000 available for families that adopt. What an amazing and helpful way to offset such an expensive process! However, this credit is about to expire and unless we bring home a baby in the next 2 months we will not get any financial assistance this way. So, please sign to support an extension of this helpful financial assistance.

As a political conservative, it kind of bothers me to ask the government to help pay for things that I want to do (like adopt). However, I also feel that adoption shouldn't be so expensive and it breaks my heart that there are those out there in much worse financial shape than we are who are unable to have children naturally and ONLY because of a lack of money aren't able to start their families through adoption (or fertility treatment for that matter). With the average cost of adoption ranging from $20,000-$35,000, it certainly isn't a cheap undertaking! And I want to do what I can to help these people realize their dreams of starting a family! And at this point I refuse to judge whether people decide to build their families through the use of fertility treatment or adoption (or naturalistic methods... we tried those too!). Infertility is such an ugly and unfair struggle and  certainly don't feel comfortable telling anyone what the "right" way is for them to build their family based on their specific circumstances. I just want to support their efforts to build a family and I hope you will too!

Thanks for stopping by. I know today's post is more of a rant, but hey, I'm an advocate now and my blog is a place to share how I feel, right? :)
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  1. I love this blog's new look! Very spring appropriate ;-)

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    I only wish that all health care was mandated to include fertility treatments or adoption for all. Maybe one day soon!

  3. I understand your hesitation to ask for government assistance. But I think there's something to be said for consistency! There's health care coverage and government sponsored programs (WIC) for bringing a healthy baby into the world -- I don't see why adoption shouldn't be part of that, since sometimes it is healthiest for baby/child to be with an adopted family. Heck, putting more children in stable homes (because I know through the adoption process, you're evaluated for that!) might reduce government dependence on WIC or other programs.

    1. Thanks for the thoughts Rachel! I had never thought of it that way, but you're right. There are A LOT of government programs like WIC, and it does add up to some consistency. Thanks for sharing! :-) I always love the email that says that "Rachel" has commented on my blog. :)

  4. Hi Liz- I am just catching up on your blog. I didn't know the other one disappeared and I thought maybe I got uninvited (for leaving the world's longest comments). Have you guys heard about The Abba Fund ( They provide interest-free loans for adoption. I saw a link to it on someone's facebook wall and thought I would pass it on to you guys. Anyways, I love the new blog!

  5. Hey Robyn, I closed down the other blog, so you were definitely not specifically uninvited. EVERYONE was uninvited because of the "shut-down." I LOVE long comments, so PLEASE comment away! :)
    I think I have heard of Abba-Fund, but haven't looked into that too much yet since even interest-free loans would be difficult to pay off for us. BUT, we definitely won't discount that option if we need to! :)


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