Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't Ignore...

...our blog!

Ok... just kidding... you can ignore it if you want to. :) This is more of a explanation of what is happening on this blog right now. Tomorrow I will return to advocating for infertility for NIAW!

We REALLY need to learn to do this move!
If you've been following our blog for awhile, you will notice many changes today! We decided that David & Elizabeth Adopt was quite possibly the most boring name for a blog ever written. So, we've been pondering what kind of creative name to use. Then, there's also the fact that we thought there would be more exciting adoption updates to post regularly, but it turns out that once you get the paperwork done, you're pretty much just waiting. So this blog is now about a whole lot more than just the adoption process, but about what's going on in our lives. We also discussed how much we like the quote "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain." Although we find it QUITE cheesy, it does simplify what we've been trying to do recently. Our struggle with infertility felt like a constant storm in our life and there's part of us that has felt like we'll just be in some horribly ugly place until we become parents. But, we've also realized how flawed this thinking is! So we are in the process of learning how to be content, joyful, peaceful and patient in spite of life not going how we want it to and being 100% unsure of what the future holds. :)
This photo is also adorable and a propos.

So, there you have it... we're trying to learn to dance in the rain instead of just waiting for the storm of infertility to pass! And of course, Dave's creative mind came up with Waltzing in Galoshes. I loved it and so here it is. :) And don't you just love the photo above? It fits our blog title so well. :) (Photo credit at the bottom of the blog)

And in other (errr.. similar) news, I'm LOVING National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW). It's kind of time for me/us to feel very connected to others going through the same thing and feel like I have this one week to advocate about something I'm very passionate about. I truly believe in the power of people's connections and awareness. If you don't tell people what your struggle is, how will they know how to help you? I'm very, very into vulnerability and openness in friendships and the church and this week gives me an excuse to be as open as I'd like! To borrow a quote from a dear friend, "Just keep it real, honey!"

AND... here's something semi-exciting. I reviewed a couple of books about infertility in the past week that will be featured on the "Ladies in Waiting Book Club." You can pop over and read my first review here. I highly recommend this book club in general as it's mostly about reading and discussing non-fertility related books together and discussing them. I've discovered several good books by being a part of this club this year.

And of course, it's still "International Comment Leaving Week!" Remember, comments are the new hug! :-)

Anyway, that's all for now! Stay tuned for more infertility related posts tomorrow and hopefully adoption news in the not-too-distant future. :)


  1. I love the new look and new blog name! It's GREAT! =)

  2. Love the name! I like the idea of reveling in the moment instead of waiting for if and when. Oh, and I'm here from ICLW! Best of luck moving forward!

  3. So so cool!!! I absolutely love the new blog =) (and you.)

  4. ICLW #53 - Love the look of your blog and I agree, sometimes you just have to not let the "rain" stop you from enjoying what you have.

  5. Visiting you back from ICLW :) We, too, had 1 very emotional IUI and decided we were done with that particular rollercoaster. Welcome to the adoption wait. It's kind of like the 2ww, only longer.Good news is, whenever it's (finally) over, there will be a baby in your arms. Looking forward to reading more of your journey!

  6. Thanks for the encouragement on the blog format. I was afraid of "too much pink," but Dave approved it, so I feel good about it. :) I'm also so glad I'm participating in ICLW and have already met new people whose journeys I look forward to following (despite my sadness you all are on this journey in the first place).

  7. I'm a new visitor from ICLW so don't know what your old look was like but I'm loving the new one.

    All the best.

  8. Love the new look and the title. Very clever.

  9. LOVE the pic of couple in the rain! It looks so much like you and Dave! I'm proud of you Dear daughter..and this constructive way to "vent" and cope with this struggle. I would do well to learn same lesson about not "waiting thru storms" for them to pass..but learn how to DANCE IN them. LOVE the name "WALtzing in Galoshes".

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