Thursday, April 5, 2012

4 Months Waiting...

When talking with other potential adoptive parents (or following their blogs), they tend to write about how closely they watch their phones. Since the day they were approved to become adoptive parents they have always kept their phones with them because they might get "the call" at any time. I haven't had that attitude so far, mostly because our primary agency in Nashville has a pretty long wait time (18-24 months). I didn't anticipate we would get matched in the first few months, so I tried not to think about it and have tried focusing on other areas of life. But, now I'm getting antsy! I know that 4 out of 18-24 months is hardly that long, but I still wish we would be matched soon!

Four couples from our Nashville agency have been matched (that means that a birthmother has chosen them) since our home study was completed on December 6th. One couple was matched within the first month of completing their home study! (We had met them previously and were SO THRILLED when we heard!) I'm ready for it to be us now though. Of course, I LOVE to plan, but there's nothing to plan for here. I would LOVE if we could get matched soon for many reasons, including the fact that it would be ideal in my schedule as a teacher if we could bring a baby home during the summer, or before the Federal Adoption Tax Credit goes away (timing is REALLY running out on that one! EEK!), etc. etc. But, alas we truly have NO control over this! We are ready to be parents, but it's feeling quite far away right now. :/

So, please continue to pray for us and that God would bring us the right child in the right time and that we could wait patiently until then. And please, PLEASE pass along our profile and information to everyone that you can! You never know where there will be a life-changing connection made.


  1. I am sending lots of positive thoughts that you will be perfectly matched in the very near future and that your wait will be less than they have communicated! Thinking of you!!

  2. Thanks Leslie! I'm thinking about you and and praying for your your u/s next week!


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