Monday, March 19, 2012

All "hail" breaks loose!

I just couldn't resist the pun on this one! :-) Last Wednesday evening I was watching "Downton Abby" and catching up on some sewing (just mending, not creating anything) and all of a sudden I thought the roof on our house was going to cave in from the onslaught of giant hail! I have NEVER seen a hail storm like this! We just got our new roof last October, so we're a little nervous about going up there an checking on it, but we DO know it didn't cave in at least. :)  I would say it lasted for about 15-20 minutes and this video below was taken after it had died down a little bit. Here's some proof of the craziness!

The new raised garden bed that Dave made, full of hailstones!                            
(The CDs are to detract the birds... a couple of them were broken to pieces by the hail!)

The hail in the "regular" garden bed

The neighbors' front yard after the storm
Also, this past week my dad had a birthday, so we celebrated last weekend at my parents' house here in town. Here's my dad with the Yazoo Sweatshirt we got him!

And somehow I managed to get this AWESOME shot of Dave and my sister, Hannah.  I think she may have been making this face on purpose, so I had to  share. :)

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