Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Good News for the Week!

If you know me you know I like to plan, set goals for myself and reach them! I'm not one to stick with the same thing for long and always like challenging myself.

So, I'm very excited to announce that....

I've been approved to move up to Intermediate Ballet this Summer!

This is big news for me. Since the fall, taking Ballet classes has been extraordinarily healing, partially physically, but mostly emotionally. I knew it would be fun, but going to these classes again (I haven't taken since college) and really challenging my body and mind have boosted my confidence and helped me find a small bit of control in my life. Ballet IS all about body control isn't it? :-)

I took a Beginning class this fall and LOVED it. But this semester I decided I needed more, so in addition to my Beginning class at Nashville School of Ballet, I'm also taking a "Beginner Intermediate" class at Vanderbilt. This class has kicked my booty in the best way possible and it has been exciting to see myself really improve in flexibility, strength and the ability to focus and put my body in healthy motion.

So, this summer you'll know where to find me from 9:30-11am every Wednesday.  You should totally come join me! :-)

PS- This does not mean I have advanced to pointe yet. That is for the students in the Advanced Class that  I am definitely not ready for, but desperately want to be! That's why I'm going to bust my tail this summer. I very badly want to make it to pointe sometime in the next year! I mean, how beautiful is this!?

Although, this is a bit more realistic for me....hehe

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