Friday, March 30, 2012

March is Busy!

My goodness... March has been crazy! And to think I even had a week of spring break in there... whew! Every weekend has been busy, but good. Whether we've had friends or family in town or been at a wedding, etc. it seems like the month has been a flurry. And the most exciting news is that Dave's sister, Mary Anne, is now engaged! We are so excited for her and are glad Adam is joining the family!  

And here are a few boring pictures to show what we've been up to here...

I HATE bugs! I seriously do! And a couple of weeks ago we started getting ants in the kitchen. Which is the grossest place you can get them, right? It's also the LAST place you want to spray chemicals. So, I discovered a natural and chemical free solution! You need 9 parts sugar (or maple syrup or jam) and 1 part Borax. Put it in a shallow container, like a soda bottle lid, and set out where the ants are congregating. They will come for the sugar, but take the Borax back to their colony too, which will poison them. I actually had just 1 piece of gum left in a pack where each piece is in its own tray and cut the rest of the trays apart individually and set them around the kitchen counter. And it has worked pretty well! I obviously spilled a bit when distributing my "poisonous solution."

 Here's Dave working in the raised garden bed! It's his favorite hobby right now. I think he kind of wants to become a farmer. :)

Last Saturday night we attended a friend's wedding! Alan is someone that Dave and I both knew from Belmont, and it was really a beautiful ceremony in a beautiful church.

I also got to catch up with some friends I hardly ever see! I love these girls!

The sad part is that we finished up the weekend with a nasty bug that kept us BOTH in the bathroom all Sunday night. I think it's safe to say that it was the sickest either of us has either been. We then spent all Monday and Tuesday on our individual couches complaining and recovering. hehe  (It was the first time in my memory I took 2 sick days in a row!) Thank goodness for my sweet mother who brought us food and Ginger Ale. We never would have been able to make it to the grocery store! You know your stomach is in bad shape when it takes you an hour and a half to eat one slice of dry toast... 12 hours after you got sick. 

But, on the bright side Dave and I spent 2 days at home together. We may have been groaning and nibbling on Saltines, but we were together. :) AND we finished the entire series of Friday Night Lights. I expected to have some withdrawal, but I think the plot was ready to come to an end. And now I'm totally hooked on Downton Abbey, so I have more drama to entertain me on the nights when Dave is working. 

And finally, we drove past these lovely tulips outside Belmont and I couldn't resist taking a photo. They were so pretty! Whenever I go back to campus I can't believe it's where I went to college! There are SO many more buildings I can hardly believe it. It doesn't seem like the same place.

I have to say, 2011 was a extraordinarily difficult year for us and I started off this year optimistically. However, 2012 continues to bring sorrow, confusion and frustration. But, we are drawing nearer to God so we are blessed. I don't know why, but for some reason we feel that a change in the day, month, season or year will surely change our circumstances. However, God changes our circumstances when He feels the time is ready. Right now our mantra around here is to remember that God has called us to a period of patience and perseverance. I'm hard-wired for impatience, so this is not an easy stage of life for me. :-) But, God is faithful even when I am not and I cling to that each day.

As we enter Holy Week, may our eyes be focused on Christ and his sacrifice and resurrection. What a gift we will truly never fully comprehend but must be continually grateful for.

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