Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fun Weekend!

Last weekend a very close high school friend of mine and her husband came to down and gave us an excuse to go out and do fun, "Nashville" things! We took them to downtown Franklin on Saturday afternoon and spent some time sitting outside of Franklin Mercantile drinking our tea and coffee. And Saturday night we went to downtown Nashville to do some "honkey-tonkin" at some of the country music bars. I'm pretty embarrassed to say I had never done that before in my 8+ years living here! But, it was super fun and we plan to do it again soon. But, maybe on a Thursday night when there aren't so many people trying to do the same thing at the same time! :-)

Here are some fun highlights. 

Me and Dave downtown- proof we really did go out and have fun! :-)
Me and Kelly... I LOVE her! :-)
Outside Franklin Mercantile- It was a beautiful day!

Inspired by last weekend's events, today we continued the fun! After church we had brunch with a couple we have been meaning to get together with since the fall and enjoyed eating at Noshville. It is so nice to get to know other couples at church on a deeper level. And then tonight the two of us walked around downtown Franklin and realized we were passing the historic Franklin Theatre at 7pm, right as an old John Wayne movie was starting, so we decided to be spontaneous and bought our $5 tickets and even splurged on popcorn (since we hadn't eaten dinner... oops)! The movie was simultaneously very cute and very silly, and also pretty hilarious in the "old fashioned way" they treated women. Obviously not acceptable, but we were cracking up as he "dragged" his wife 5 miles home from the train station. The scene below definitely took the cake! (And in his defense she definitely had it coming!) :-)

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