Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ballet Ball 2012

Saturday night was our favorite annual event, The Nashville Ballet's Fundraising Ball and we had an absolute blast! (I say "annual," but I guess this is only the second year we've gone; but we plan to make it an annual event!) We obviously don't go to too many fundraising events, as we're currently trying to fundraise ourselves for our adoption, but this is a special splurge for us. Ever since we went last year we've been looking forward to going this year. (And we're already excited for the event in 2013!)

What's so nice about this event is that you can still go even if you don't have $500 to spend on a ticket (which we obviously dont)! They have a dessert and drinks part for the younger crowd that happens at the same time as the formal plated dinner for a fraction of the price, while still allowing us to support the Ballet and enjoy the evening. We still got to enjoy the special performance by the Nashville Ballet Company (They danced to live performances by both The Civil Wars and Ben Folds this year) followed by the formal ball/dancing portion with a live band. We stayed until the last song at 1am!

It's so fun to get a chance to dress in our formal attire once a year and spend 3 hours dancing together using the "moves" we learned from our previous ballroom dance lessons. And it's fun to meet some of the professional dancers too! After their performance they get to put on their formal wear and join the rest of us for the ball part. I met my new favorite member of the company, Kayla Rowser, who was AWESOME in the latest ballet we went to and was a a truly kind and beautiful person when I met her. Of course, I was absolutely starstruck! I wish I could dance like that! :)

  Who wouldn't love dancing the night away, dressing in our fanciest clothes (I borrowed a dress from a co-worker) and supporting the Nashville Ballet at the same time?! It was such a memorable and fun night for us. 

 The event is at the Schermerhorm Symphony Center and it's decorated so beautifully! If you can see in the photo there are people dancing on the stage where the orchestra usually plays along with on the floor where the seats usually are. 

 Beautiful decorations!

 We'd love for some friends to join us next year for the festivities! Are you in? :-)

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  1. Liz, you look stunning!! (Dave looks nice, too. :) )


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