Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easy vs. Better

It's VERY difficult for me to accept the aspects of my life that don't go according to plan. I think I've gotten better at this as being a teacher in an elementary school lends itself to a lot of upset plans and I've had to learn to be flexible and to "just deal." However, there's a whole lot of bigger things out there than my Spanish lesson plans, and our journey to building a family is one of them.

I feel like this whole business of starting a family has not gone according to my Plan A, B, C or even Plan D. And although there are days where I praise God for that because of the ways He has challenged and grown my faith and trust in Him, there are still a whole lot of days when I wonder why things couldn't have been easier for us. And of course, this is always the worst when I commit the nasty sin of comparing myself to others. (Yikes! It's a slippery slope!) I mean, when thinking of their future, who in the WORLD ever imagines difficulties and wants their life to be full of them? Of course we all want things to be easy because that is a whole lot less painful.

But, I'm coming to the conclusion that easy is NOT the same thing as better! 
If you think about it, did you ever really learn anything from the classes in high school and college that were the EASY classes? I sure didn't and couldn't tell you a thing about them except that they were easy.  But, those classes that were challenging taught me a lot, not only about the class material, but also about life lessons such as perseverance, hard work and focus, etc. Now, I'm not saying that just because a situation in life is difficult automatically makes it better. But, I am saying that I'm realizing that I kind of get to be the deciding factor of whether or not my life is better than it was before based on how I respond and what I learn in the midst of trying times.

I've had this (common) mistaken idea that our windy journey to parenthood will only be "better" when we have our children in our arms and know that THESE are the children that God has meant us to have. However, that is false thinking. True joy and contentment do NOT lie in seeing God's plan come to fruition. Of course, we long to see that day soon! But, true joy and contentment are only found in God alone. And sometimes it takes the really difficult instead of the easy situations in life for us to truly realize that. And just because I've come to this conclusion doesn't make our journey "easy" by any means. It just makes it better.... and I'm determined for our lives to be better! Not by having children or making money or getting better jobs... none of that! Just by knowing that Jesus fills all those empty holes in our hearts and by listening to that voice that leads and guides us one step at a time and asks us to step out in faith.

"Oh Lord, thank you for desiring to make my life better instead of easy! You are a truly gracious God!"


  1. Amen! This week I've really focused on praising God for the good things He is doing in us during our own trials, thanking Him for the things he is teaching us and character he is molding in us as we wait on him.

  2. Wow... good for you guys! It's so hard isn't it? For us, it has sadly been a "last resort." Not that we haven't always been praying, but we got to a point where we realized all we could do was praise God for what He is doing instead of complaining about what He's not.


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