Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Super Bowl?

Have you ever seen the episode of "How I Met Your Mother" where all the friends can't watch the Super Bowl together because they have to attend a funeral? Well, they agree to watch it the following night, SO everyone has to avoid seeing the final score all day long! Of course, it's quite silly and comical. I wanted to show a video of Ted trying to get hot wings from a sports bar all hunched over, wearing dark glasses, noise-blocking headphones and side blinders, but I had no luck finding the clip on YouTube. If you're dying to see it, try to find Season 2, Episode 14. :)

ANYWAY, the funny thing is that today, 2 days after the superbowl I still have NO idea who won! And I haven't even been avoiding it. Dave and I both had extremely busy weekends, so we decided to stay in on Sunday night. And if we had cable (or even a tv antennae) we probably would have watched part of it. But, we do not, so we didn't. :) Instead, we watched Friday Night Lights on Netflix, so I guess you could say we at least watched football!  And since I've been praying in the car instead of listening to NPR, I have not paid attention to the news. And my co-workers (mostly women as I work in an Elementary School) apparently don't care enough about to discuss it either. It's not like I don't want to know, it's just that I honestly don't care too much and now that I'm on a roll, there's no reason to look it up online. I obviously run in much different circles of people than Ted (from the show). :) hehe

In adoption news, it looks like 2 families from Catholic Charities have been matched and/or placed with babies! Which is great news for them and great news for us!  The agency presents profiles to expectant parents in the order in which the families were home-study approved, so that means that we've moved up 2 spots on the list! Birthparents certainly do not need to pick profiles in any particular order. They can choose whoever they want! But, if they're presented with the first 5 profiles and like a couple enough from that 5, they won't even be shown the other profiles on the list. If that makes sense... so it's very likely our paper profile hasn't been shown yet (we're probably about number 17 on the list or something around there?). But, I feel good that it's moved "2 spaces" up on the list! And, of course, I'm thrilled for those couples! It's wonderful news to hear that those waiting for a match/placement get one and that a child is now with his/her forever family! :)

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