Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Purpose-Driven Cosmos

Dave just yesterday read THIS wonderful article in Christianity Today by Russell Moore. The whole article is great, but the last few paragraphs stuck out to us as being particularly meaningful. These next 3 paragraphs are all straight from the article.

"The kingdom of God, both now and in the age to come, is ultimately about what Paul calls being "hidden with Christ in God" (Col. 3:3-4)—finding your life and mission in Jesus' own, not in fitting him into the kingdom you design for yourself. For too long, we've called unbelievers to "invite Jesus into your life." Jesus doesn't want to be in your life. Your life's a wreck. Jesus calls you into his life. And his life isn't boring or purposeless or static. It's wild and exhilarating and unpredictable.

Seeing our lives now, and the universe around us, as precursors to the life to come, we're freed from the ingratitude that turns away from God's good gifts. We pour ourselves into loving, serving, and working because these things are seeds of the tasks God has for us in the next phase. At the same time, we don't invest any of those things with infinite meaning. My life's meaning isn't found in the brief interval from birth to grave—in a happy marriage, a satisfying job, or the kind of "success" my in-laws would recognize at the Thanksgiving table.

Instead, I can give thanks to God for a life, a universe, and a flow of history that are, in the long run, Christ-shaped. I long for the arrival of the kingdom that has long bubbled around us, invisible as yeast. And I yearn for the moment when, an heir to the throne of the cosmos, I join with my brothers and sisters—and our Galilean pioneer—to sing out, "Let us eat, drink, and be merry, for yesterday we were dead."

I knew the name Russell Moore sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it until I "googled" his name and realized that he wrote "Adopted for Life," which was the book that really changed Dave's perspective on adoption and has been an integral part of our adoption journey! What a beautiful, "divine coincidence." :)

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