Thursday, February 9, 2012

Last Week's Komen & Planned Parenthood News

I know this is our adoption blog, so I don't want to regularly write on controversial topics. But, I do want to briefly respond to the story about the Susan G. Komen foundation saying they were going to remove funds from Planned Parenthood and the media blitz that ensued (and then of course they changed their mind and reinstated the funds due to media and political pressure.). I thought that it was interesting how angry so many people seemed to be and found this great opinion article in the New York Times that I wanted to share.

I think the saddest quote for us was to read that "By way of comparison, the organization (Planned Parenthood) also refers pregnant women for adoption. In 2010, this happened 841 times, against 329,445 abortions."

Can you imagine if those 329,445 aborted babies had been given life and how many families could have been made complete through adoption? Or through the birthparents choosing to parent those children? It's a very, very sad statistic. But, we do rejoice over those 841 babies that were given life! (And hopefully there are women that go into Planned Parenthood and leave deciding to parent their child, even if it is a difficult choice.)

I won't get on my soapbox. I'll just let the article say what I was thinking.

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