Saturday, February 11, 2012

53 Degrees

Yes, THAT was the temperature in our house just a few hours ago. This has been one crazy, dramatic weekend and it's still Saturday!
Friday am- Smelled gas leak near the water heater

Friday pm- Gas company comes and says they can't fix the leak and have to turn off all the gas until a plumber comes to fix it (PS... Friday night low temperature was to hit 17 degrees.)

Friday pm- Call Home Warranty Company to schedule plumbers to come out. They say it's considered an emergency, so someone should be out within 8 hours since we don't have heat.

Later Friday pm- Dave is on his way out of town with guy friends for a trip, hoping I will be home from school in time to meet plumber. However, this turns out to not be the case and Dave has to return home. :(
Friday evening- Home Warranty Company calls back to say that actually no one can come until Saturday morning first thing, so wait for a call until someone comes.

Friday night- Drive to my parents' house to stay the night in a house with HEAT!
Saturday morning- Call Plumbing company since we haven't heard from them and they say someone won't be out until between 12 and 2pm.

Saturday late morning- I bring Dave (by the sweet kindness of his friend Jonah) to the airport to meet his friends for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday afternoon- I am waiting in a house that is about 53 degrees for the plumbing company to call and realize that I will not be able to make it to ballet class waiting around for someone to fix the plumbing.  I call the sweetest mom in the world who offers to come and work in our very cold house so I can go to ballet (which I honestly needed for my sanity today for more reasons than just the lack of heat in here!).

Saturday late afternoon- While on my way home from ballet I call to check in, plumber had to run to Lowe's to get extra parts to fix leaks...

Saturday early evening- Leaks are fixed! Yay! I called the gas company to get the gas turned back on so that there will be heat in our house and I can take a (semi) warm shower before going to see the Nashville ballet with my mom.

Slightly later- Gas company says it will be hours and if the worker shows up to our house and I'm not here, they won't be able to come again until Monday! AH! Does this mean I can't take a shower and also possibly stay home from the ballet? :(
A few minutes later- I get in the care to go to my parents' house to shower as fast as I can before coming back when "gas man" might return.
THANKFULLY, as I was pulling out of the driveway, the gas man was pulling up! He was super nice and helpful and fixed the problem for us. :)

Saturday evening- I still go to my parents' house to shower. Even if the water is luke-warm, who wants to shower in 53 degree house (on its way to getting warmer)!?
My mom and I enjoy a wonderful ballet performance. It kind of made me forget about the rest of this CRAZY day!

And as I go to bed tonight I will thank God for a house with heat! Something I take for granted far too often. :)

(If you read all of this, you are a truly kind person.)


  1. Ack! What a weekend!! Glad you had family & friends nearby who could help out when necessary. At least you've had Sunday to recover a bit!

  2. Seriously! We do feel very grateful that my parents live in town and very generous people.


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