Monday, February 6, 2012

2 Months & Breastfeeding

Several of you have asked me if we would consider breastfeeding our adopted child, and the answer is, "we'll see." In the research that I've done, you have to start prepping your body long before the child comes, starting to pump 2 months before a baby would even try breastfeeding. I guess that the sensation of the pumping will trick your body into producing milk? That's so crazy! But, in order to be successful it looks like you have to take synthetic drugs or strong herbs. I'm not opposed to herbs, but I definitely don't want to be taking synthetic drugs, not just for myself, but because of what I would be passing along to the baby as well.

Considering that in domestic adoption you have NO idea how much time you'll have to prepare for your baby to arrive in your home, it really doesn't seem like a good idea to PLAN on breastfeeding. If we find out 2-3 months in advance of the birthmother's due date (which is the longest that you usually have), then we would probably at least give it a try. But, it's not something we could do if we were told just a few weeks before the baby would arrive. BUT, we're going to try to avoid GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) as much as possible when feeding our child. And since organic formula is QUITE expensive (and there aren't usually coupons for it!), we'll likely be making a lot of our own formula. Thankfully, my sister Deborah found some recipes for us, so I hope she comes to visit soon after the baby arrives so she can help me make these complicated recipes. :)

In other news, we have officially been on the wait list for 2 months without a word from either agency. We don't know if our paper profile has even been shown to a potential birth parents. I COULD ask, but I kind of want to just "let it be." It's hard to feel like nothing is moving in the right direction, but we must accept that there is lots going on we don't know about and continue to pray for our future child and that his/her birthmother is feeling God's love and peace wherever she is right now.

We have officially had over 400 views of our online profile! I know a lot of that is from family and friends, but I still feel like 200 views a month is good. It does make me wonder how many of those views are from birthparents and if so, what have they not liked about our profile? But, I'm trying to just let go of that and know the right child will come into our lives at the right time.

2 months down. ??? months to go!


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  2. As someone who's also considering adoption, I took a peak at your adoption profile video. It really moved me and I have to admit, it made me cry. I love the music you chose for the background. You look like such a lovely couple with such a full and happy life. Your new baby will be so blessed to have such wonderful parents. Wishing you well on your journey :)

    PS, removed the above comment to try to fix a typo! Whoops!!

  3. You are so sweet! Thanks for reading our blog! And yes, Michael Wright is quite a talented artist. I think he's on iTunes and I know he's on MySpace. :)


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