Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Beginnings of a Nursery

We have started the process of finding nursery decor! It seems strange since we have no idea when we'll be matched, but our social worker encouraged us to start picking things out, so we're hesitantly jumping in?

We've started looking at cribs and nursery furniture on craigslist, but haven't really found anything worth purchasing yet. But, we HAVE decided on a theme and it will be jungle animals! Here are a few things that are actually in our guest room/future nursery giving us some hope and inspiration. It may just be a curtain valance and a lamp, but it's the cutest curtain valance and lamp we've ever seen! We decided that animals were gender neutral and the color scheme goes very well with our wall color (we think.)

Now I need some advice? Would any color nursery furniture match this set? We were thinking we'd like oak or honey colored wood. But, there also seems to be a lot of white available. Would a white crib and dresser/changing table match too?

And in other news, we completed our fourth grant application today! Whew! What a month of paperwork!  Later this spring we will begin planning what we think will be the rockinest adoption fundraising party ever for late spring/early summer. :-)

Also, all the paperwork sometimes gets discouraging. But, THIS t-shirt makes me not feel quite so alone. Someone else came up with the idea, so I'm not the first one to feel this way. :)

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  1. Exciting. I am proud of you both. . . .
    And you know that I am always willing to give decorating opinions. =)
    I think that since the window and blinds are white - you could go with white. Either way, I think you have good colors that natural wood or white would go with. Maybe just see what deals you find! =)


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