Sunday, November 26, 2017

One Month Old!

Sweet Baby Girl is already 7 weeks old, but I figure if I blogged once a week when pregnant surely I can blog once a month with a baby?

The first month was rough. I had spent so much time worrying whether or not she would really come I didn't prepare for how hard recovery would be. Recovery from a c-section is INTENSE! It definitely took 3 full weeks for me to be able to walk normally and feel capable of doing some daily chores. I also wasn't prepared for post-partum hormones. I will tell you that I cried more in the past 7 weeks than the entire pregnancy. And probably in the years preceding.  Big, huge, overwhelmed tears. A lot of them (poor Dave). And breastfeeding?! Like super hard! Isn't it supposed to be natural? It's hard.

But, baby girl has been doing great. The first few weeks she refused to sleep at night unless she was being held, so that was hard and exhausting. But, she has been a pretty good eater (once we got breastfeeding figured out) and sleeper for the most part. I really can't complain, especially after all the tummy issues we had with Sweet P!

We did go to a lactation consultant in the first couple of weeks because I was using a nipple shield and breastfeeding was still painful. Turns out she had some chin recession issues so she has been to the baby chiropractor and cranial sacral massage therapist several times each. We've seen lots of feeding improvements since! But thankfully no signs of tongue/lip tie.

She was born at 7lbs1oz abd 19.5" , got down to 6lbs 5oz at 4 days old, then started gaining again, and at her 1 month apt she was 9lbs3oz and 21"! Go girl!

Let's see if I can remember other things from 4 weeks ago? She was a delight? Gosh. The weeks immediately following when a baby comes home are such a blur. Should she be meeting milestones by now? I should probably look that up. Oh well, that's all I have for now along with some pictures from sometime around that one month mark. 

Halloween! Two dinosaurs (or dragons? We dont care) and Anthony Rizzo! 

Tiny baby in a big crib

SO much love from big sister

Daddy selfie

First try at the play mat

Thursday, October 12, 2017

She's here!

You may have been wondering where the 38 week update was and hoping we were doing well. Well, I didn't even get to take my 38 week photo becasue Saturday morning I went into labor! 

In case you're interested in details, I woke up around 4/5am Saturday morning with really uncomfortable back pain and nausea. But my first thought was "oh sheesh. And I just went to the chiropractor on Wednesday." But then when I woke up for the day at 6:30 the back pain was bad enough I had to breathe through it and my uterus was very tight and not letting up. I knew back labor was "a thing" so I immediately called the on-call number and then woke Dave up and told him that I was in pain and waiting for a call back from the OB's office. But he didn't really believe me and by the time I got the call back that they wanted me to go I had convinced Dave that he really needed to get the kids' breakfast ready and the van packed ready to go. (Thank goodness we got the carsest installed in the van the day before!)

My parents hadn't heard the phone ring when I called them to come watch the kids, so while Dave was getting things ready, and I was breathing through back labor and contractions I went next door to get the neighbor to watch the kids until my parents were on their way. My mom finally called back and was totally shocked and surprised when I told her it was baby time! 

When we got to the hospital (thankfully just 10 minutes away) they checked me into a room to monitor contractions. This made me nervous becasue I know the danger of uterine rupture when contracting and being in active labor for too long with a TAC (my permanent cerclage). Since I wasn't having measurable contractions I was nervous that they would try to send me home, but I KNEW this was different becasue I was having to breathe through the pain. But then when I went to the bathroom there was blood and my OB was the doctor on call and she knows about my TAC, so despite only one official contraction showing up on the monitor, since I was already 38 weeks and had bleeding it was going to be baby's birthday! And that I'd be prepped and ready to go back for the c-section within an hour! I'm telling you, going into labor on a Saturday morning after a full nights' sleep when no one is scheduled for an induction or c-section (since it's the weekend) is the ideal time to do it! 

I hadn't done a great job of mentally, emotionally, or even physically preparing for what a c-section would be like since I was so focused on her being ok the whole pregnancy so it immediately got real! 

The started the prep process and dave and I prayed and my mom stopped by to bring some things we forgot to pack. But she was right, and within the hour I was wheeled back to the operating room, with ALL the adrenaline pumping! 

I had to be in there without Dave for about 15 minutes while I got the epidural and spinal (ouch!) and then Dave got to come in with the camera while the actual c-section was done. He couldn't look behind the camera until they actually pulled her out, and the staff gave him a nice warning to get the camera out. So he had the camera ready to shoot while he watched her with his own eyes.

I was crying this whole time, because of all the overwhelming emotions but I will say the moment I heard her cry was a moment I will never forget. It was the biggest sense of relief I had ever felt in my life. The most beautiful sound. 

Dave got to watch them clean her up and then they put her on my chest for several minutes. I couldn't see anything except pink, wrinkly skin but there she was. Breathing on my chest. 

Then while they finished sewing me up Dave went with the nurses to get her weighed and measured. She was 7lbs 1oz and 19.5oz! 

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of activity and emotions, attempts to breastfeed, and the kids coming to meet her. 

We didn't announce right away because we hadn't decided on a name. We had our top 3 but she didn't "speak" to us about which one was her until Monday. And not officially until Tuesday. But here she is, Sonia Jane! 

More to come. We are now home and doing well. Tired, recovering from a c-section, and emotional. (The buddy is sick so that's no fun), but we are here and grateful and adjusting. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

37 weeks

I know I'm in the same dress from last week but I promise I didn't wear the same thing to church 2 weeks in a row. 😀 Last week I wore it to the ballet and this week it was church. 

When I saw my OB last week she asked how I was doing and I said, "uncomfortable, tired, and cranky" and she said that sounded perfect! Haha I had a non-stress-test again and baby girl passed with flying colors. 

Overall I'm doing well considering how large and uncomfortable I am. I'm sleeping decently, I'm still taking care of the kids, making daily meals, and getting all kinds of baby preparations checked off the list. So I can't complain. I do still freak out when there are periods of less or no baby movement and it's SO hard for me to not worry. With just 10 days left until scheduled c-section I know I should be feeling like we are close and be all excited, but I'm still worried something is going to go wrong so I'm on high alert. I wish I was just enjoying every moment, but I am worrying through many moments right now! Sigh. I surely hope she comes home with us and my worries will no longer be as intense!

The nursery is officially finished! I'm really happy how it turned out. We may swap out this pretty glider for the super comfortable, but much uglier, recliner in the buddy's room for a few months, since I imagine I'll spend lots of time in it. 

Dave cleaned out the garage this weekend and it looks awesome! Both vehicles fit in it, which you know is a small miracle if you saw how messy the garage was previously. 

This week I'm hoping to do a couple of freezer meals, but I'm not sure what exactly to do. I may just have a lot of bratwurst and meat for hamburgers frozen and ready to grill for when Dave is in charge of cooking. 

Nothing more to update I guess. Please continue to pray that baby girl stays healthy and comes home healthy, that my anxiety stays down, and that the family stays healthy)! No germs around new baby please!) 😀



Monday, September 25, 2017

Maternity/Family Photos

Here are few favorites from the pictures Dave took right at the 35 week mark.

There's never been a more handsome kid! 

I really wanted a picture of just my belly with these 2 kiddos and this was the best we could get. haha

In front of Miriam's tree

Again in front of Miriam's tree

Saturday, September 23, 2017

36 weeks!


The countdown is on! Less than 3 weeks to go until we meet this little one. I'm still hesitant to really believe it, but I'm tracking baby movements all day and praying all goes well these last few weeks and she makes it home. 

This time Sweet P wanted to join in the picture! 

I had my first Bio-physical profile on Thursday and in my experience/opinion, baby girl was quite sleepy and calm, but she still passed all the markers for baby health so I'm told she's doing great. 

Then yesterday, the day I hit 36 weeks, I was SO uncomfortable to the point of pain. At this point it's pretty common for me to have Braxton Hicks tightening most of the time I'm up and walking around. Which is a lot. And is annoying. I called the on-call OB line right as they were closing and it was recommended I go info the ER to measure the contractions so off I went. Better safe than sorry! But after having to sit in the ER waiting room for 30 minutes (apparently it was a busy afternoon/evening for labor) my uterus had calmed down so I checked in again with a nurse who called the same OB who told me to go in and they said it was fine for me to go home. Glad it wasn't real labor since we aren't quite ready for her yet. 

Busy day today! Went to the buddy's baseball game in 90 degree heat and pretty much sweat through my clothes (being this pregnant is no joke), then took the buddy to the ballet. We were both EXHAUSTED by the end of the day!) I definitely continued to have contractions, but only when I was walking around thank goodness. But I will admit that walking is a pretty big part of my day and trying to be less active is annoying and difficult! (And also a lot of work for Dave). 

At the ballet for our date! 

After some higher fasting blood sugar numbers I have still been able to put off insulin for another week by totally removing dairy from my diet. Can i complain about how I don't know what to eat sometimes when I'm supposed to be eating 6 times a day and avoiding carbs, sugar and now also dairy!? Despite this I've still managed to gain 10 lbs so far in the third trimester, taking my total weight gain to 30 lbs so far. I'd be ok if I stopped gaining at this point. 😀

My to-do list is getting shorter, thank goodness, and I'm hoping to get much of it knocked out by 37 weeks so I can either take it a little bit easier the last 2 weeks, or she can just come early. 😀

Nursery preview! You can't see the pattern we picked in this photo, but you can see the colors and the newly painted walls!